I was musing on the word abundance and decided to break it up how channelers like Darryl Anka break apart words for a better understanding of them.

So I got the phrase ‘A bun dance.’ Now, this is a funny phrase to an American as it would mean ‘A buttocks dance.’ Yet ‘bun’ has three meanings.

BUN noun

  1. a bread roll of various shapes and flavorings, typically sweetened and often containing dried fruit.
  2. a hairstyle in which the hair is drawn back into a tight coil at the back of the head.
  3. (North American) informal: a person’s buttocks.

While North American has been known to have an abundance of bun dancing in the more recent years. Little did we know the hidden meaning behind it, given our own language, was a reminder of abundance.

However looking at it from a world wide view, a bun dance would be dancing rolls of bread. Which I find to be an equally funny visual picture in my mind.

Given the structure of the word, abundance has a connection to food. Bread is a staple in many traditional diets. Yet the Bun itself being sweetened with dried fruit implied that a person not only had the staple of bread but the excess of a ‘bun.’

So ABUNDANCE is a staple to life that is hardly ‘Sugar-Free.’

Sorry, but we need to take a K-pop break now. So go forth and dance those buns like KARA.

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