Not quite getting it right

Hello World,

As I go further into the New Age concepts, I feel I am getting harder to relate with, unless you too are New Age. My goal was to be relatable, because I too started out scientifically minded. I am not looking to convert anyone, but to be that person so many exclude as too far out there. Yet, I would be too far out there in such a way that I was understood and respected for my different opinions.

All too often society chooses to laugh at the person who leaves offering to Fae, but weren’t humans leaving offerings to something most of existence. It is a basic human need to reach out to the unknown, that is no longer respected. Not respecting that part of oneself doesn’t make it go away. It just leaves us unbalanced.

Yet, as I get further onto my personal path, it becomes less important to be relatable. It is more important to express myself. I want to talk about my beliefs and not mold them to fit in the model of normalcy.

I realize that no matter how I bend my words, I will still be seen as crazy. I hope that there is enough wisdom in my words that you see I am not crazy, just unconventional. My thought process includes the feelings of the heart, along with the logic of the brain.

If there are two people, and one is Scientific and Sad. While the other is Unscientific and Happy. Which person should you follow? What is really the wise choice, solid knowledge or free joy?

I have been on college campuses, and I will tell you few are happy. They chase the belief that they will be happy once they have the knowledge to get a good job. Yet, this good job is rarely a good fit. It will overwork you, and stress you.

If on campus if they chased a career they enjoyed, the work of learning would not be work. After college they might not get a job as a professional artist/writer/whatever, but they know more about what makes them happy. After work they can sit and write/draw, and chase their joy. Yet, the hard worker who only went into Engineering to make money, might find themselves completely unaware of what makes them happy.

Some people are happily Scientifically minded, but I think this is a rare breed. Albert Einstein was one such person, but he was more then just a Scientist. He was an unboxed Scientist. He thought beyond convention, and I guarantee his feeling of Science was not the same as most students on campus. If students can release their scientific creativity, it is a different game.

So I admit I was using Science as a metaphor for a person who detaches creative fun from life. There are those who are unhappily New Aged too. There are many pitfalls to fall into that keep away happiness. Yet, if you stop and listen to the happy person. Whether they be Scientists or horribly Unscientific, you might learn a secret or two. One pitiful a Scientist might fall into is dismissing the happily Unscientific person as a crazy person.

Each time the manual of what is mental illness is redrawn, a higher percentage of the population becomes mentally ill. Usually its the unscientifically minded that end up on the list. It makes it seem that Scientists just like to write off people who are different from them as crazy. Is that really wise?

Please have a wonderful day,


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