The Dilemma of Power of Blessings

I have been doing some thinking again. For argument’s sake, let’s assume that Prayer/Blessings can influence a person’s life. In this case, let’s was a current example, the K-pop Idol T.O.P. who was recently caught on charges of using drugs illegal in his country. He faces trials and the negative views of Netizens. He even took many sedatives in what was likely a suicide attempt.

Seems like someone to Pray for and send Blessings too, right? Yet, then I heard people like Brad Johnson argue that this sending of blessings can make things worse for the individual. By surrounding them with positivity their negativity would feel the contrast all the more.

Now I am not sold on this idea. Yet, it got me to wonder if there is a correct and incorrect way to use the power of intention/blessing/prayer. I am all the more humbled that during a meditation I felt suddenly powerful and visualized myself tiring apart the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge that was continuously keeping rain from reaching California.

When the rain returned to the state soon after, and it came in damaging storms… I wondered if I had made the correct choice to use this feeling of power in such a way.

I know that numerous debates could be waged on this just being a chance but I am putting this aside for now. Let’s use another example. When Tzuyu from Twice was being picked on by Chinese Netizens, I sent a lot of ‘I Love You’s’ to Tzuyu, Twice and various nations in Asia. I have since then seen the Idol group Twice rocket to fame and fortune.

Did my sending of Love and Blessings effect this? I know again highly debatable, but if I did have this power to influence with my intention/blessing/prayer what would be the right way to use it? Should I send the same blessings to T.O.P. and every Idol who is facing troubles?

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