Sign of the Day

An Artist called me over to ask my opinion of his art. We got in a conversation where he did most of the talking. However, he did talk about trying to make a living doing what he loves… many things including Jesus and Chicago.

We talked for 40 minutes or at least I mainly listened for 40 minutes before I sensed that it was time to continue with my Pokemon Go hunting. Only, in the end, I decided to walk to the bus stop and go home instead.

I was hoping the sign would be a sale at my store.

Anyway walking to the bus stop I was looking at the people around me considering the fact that each of these people had a story to tell. A story so long that it cannot fit into 40 minutes. That it couldn’t even begin to fit into 40 minutes.

It had been a long time since someone talked to me in person about such important topics. Normally I am the one to bare my heart to others. I am vaguely remembering a time in college when I personally visited a mosque so that I could get a personal feel for Islam. A man talked to me for a long time about his faith and offered me a Little Debbie.

Today when the Artist was talking about Jesus, and not even realizing that he was saying many things that a person like Abraham-Hicks would say with a few notable variations, I pondered what he would think of me if he knew I was in the New Age crowd and even channeled sometimes.

I knew the important thing to do was to listen and do my best to understand. He used quarterbacks to explain concepts and rappers as examples. Where there are two rappers and one just spits up nonsense and another has rhythm and verse, but people flock to the one with less skill because they want Fast Food.

He also talked about working at a Fast Food restaurant and what he learned about Fast Food by preparing it.

Many topics. Yet, I think he was just as wise as Abraham-Hicks only less practiced in expressing himself. He was also psychic even if he would not use those words. He explained it was just knowing when a person is really listening to you, or out to harm you, or intelligent.

I have witnessed many people with wisdom as great as any teacher with a large following, just doing their thing and hardly getting the chance to express that great wisdom. Most of the people on this forum (Bashar Forum) carry great wisdom and high intelligence. Some likely want to make a living telling their story or sharing our wisdom.

If so many people have such deep wisdom and compelling stories why is it that only the few can make a living sharing it?

When every individual has a story so rich ‘n vivid that they deserve to make a movie out of it. When the deepest thinking individuals often lack someone to listen to their thoughts. When those with the most faith are the most humble. While the least humble attract crowds of followers (Bentinho.) :lol:

I just want you to know, that those quiet individuals in the back of a coffee shop doing artwork are every bit as wise as Bentinho with his business and following. If a person felt safe enough to share that wisdom with you, you would see that the Universes most humble teachers are all around you. People who want someone to talk to deeply. People who hardly ever get the chance to have another’s attention while we give our attention to the popular teachers of the day.

What am I trying to say?
(Stops to re-read to see if I can figure out what I am getting at.)
Yes, I was happy to be the one talked to by a stranger and not the one talking to strangers. It is a rare gift when a person feels safe to share with you.

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