Between breaks to sip on my water, I write a little before settling back down to rest. I slept much today, or at least semi-slept while listening to teleseminars. After the seminar ended, I lay with the earbuds still in for quite some time. Until I had enough energy to take them out and attempt a deeper sleep.

I had trouble sleeping last night and had needed to get up early, so the moment I was free I was resting. Only I rested quite a bit longer than the sleep I would have needed to catch up on. Reluctantly I got up to eat Dinner. Then I listened to the teleseminar over again as I did not remember it. Yet, as I listened I became tired again. Soon I was listening to the next teleseminar in a semi-awake state again.

Now I am up because after the seminar my body had wanted to rest, but I became thirsty. So I am hydrating slowly as I write. I read a Jenny Sclutz Energy Update. And if you must know, the teleseminars were from Joan Walker. With her free teleseminar series called: Ask the Archangels. I saw her channeling on Open Minds and decided to check her site.

I am not going to surf to look at the non-coverup/conspiracy/disclosure side. Yes, I do keep on on the alternative media narrative (by browsing headline titles mainly.) I have not felt like following the alt-media or MSM the last few days. I haven’t been able to watch that side of for a long time. Even if I was originally very into it.

Talk later?


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