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Dream: Fire/Garden

I was at my apartment, but this time with my Mother and Father. They were asleep, and I noticed smoke coming from the radiator. I looked inside and saw fire. I went out in the hall and asked my neighbors if their apartment was on fire. “Yes!” So […]

Ocean themed dream

The first aspect I remember about the dream was that I was working. A fellow employee was saving up to get married, and I was wearing work pants that looked like they had never been washed. The fellow employee saved up all their money and ran off to […]

Following your dreams

I haven’t posted in a few days, and I have been mainly posting about health related issues lately. I think it is important to realize how important that the Thyroid is, and that conventional medicine does not always catch Thyroid problems, however, that is not the topic of […]

Dream about riches

Last night I dreamt that my Father wanted to take four of our family on an expensive vacation. My Mother was upset because airfare alone would have cost $3,000, and I decided to look into the situation. I discovered that the location could easily be driven to, or […]