Rain Dance for California Club (Rainmakers for California)

Welcome to my idea. I posted on this before, but wanted to make a easy to re-blog post. I do not know if this will take off, but I feel called to start seeing what we little humans can do to help the drought in the world. Phase 1: California.

However, first we are going to focus on one, California. To narrow down the location more, how about looking at a picture of San Juan Bautista, on a Sunday at 9:30 am PST. This is where/when a weekly rain dance is being held until the drought is over. (News Article on event here)

The point of this Club is to get creative and see what you can bring to the issue. There have been a number of Facebook pages created for Prayers for Rain in California. You are welcome to pray for the effectiveness of the Mission San Juan Bautista Rain Dance.

Here is an article about a big group prayer for rain. Say a prayer for rain? Interfaith ceremony gives it a try

You do not need to enter any email to join the Rain Dance for California Club, but you are ask to personally do what you feel called to do in order to heal the draught.

My suggestion is that you Rain Dance with the location in mind. Make sure to turn both clockwise and counterclockwise of the amount of rain is not a flood.


Brief research turned up the following site, How To do a Native American Rain Dance. Other sites also seemed to show that the process was simple. To wear some turquoise (if you have any), and turn in clockwise circles followed by counterclockwise. The clockwise attracts the rain, and the counterclockwise repels it. Together it brings rain, but not to much at once.

Also spitting water into the air helps. As water attracts water. Be sure to keep the intended target location in mind. Imagine yourself among the group of dancers in California. Mentally project the image of your dance to be in California, and not where ever you live.

I say the worse that could happen if that you attract a little rain to where you live.

I will explain my motivation is a dream. I dreamed that I won a sweepstakes that enabled me to move to California. I was needed there because I was a Rainmaker. My very presence in the state would help bring the rain.

I, however, do not feel California matches me quite as well as Michigan. I have the Michigan Weather in my bones. In Michigan there is so much water that no matter where you are in the state, you are no more then a mile from a body of water.

As I am not confidant in my personal Rainmaking abilities, enough to feel I can garden in California. I started wondering what I could do for the state from Michigan. A google search on, “How to be a Rainmaker,” only showed me how to be a business rainmaker. “How to attract rain,” only showed me science. So after some thought I looking into rain dancing. I found very view Rain Dances being held in the state.

There is a huge Spiritual Community on the web. There are Reiki masters who can do long distance healing. There are other Healers who can do the same. If these people got together, just as Facebook groups for Rain get together to pray. Imagine what we could do?

That is what a Rainmaker does, right? They draw power from people to attract rain. They heal the wounds blocking emotions to flow, and the desire of everyone for rain, is what does the attraction.

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