The kind of Hope that really matters

lava_grassIt can be hard to keep hope. People use there hope playing the lottery, thinking that will answer their problems. Yet, even as impossible as it seems, it is a realistic Hope. Really open your imagination and dream of having the ability to impact the whole world and improve the lives of everyone. Think of those little details that would make the future bright. You do not know the power of your imagination, if you have never applied it to the real world.





Here is an example, from long ago. The post was on AngelicView, and it was about how Bentinho Massaro imagined the future. Here is my imagined future.

The Union with Nature like never before. Instead of building a house, we grow one from a plant. We live inside the house that recycles our waste, and water for part of its growing. We discover ways to harvest pure sunlight, so that we can grow part of our food inside the house. The house isn’t just one family, but like an apartment where you interact with your neighbors. We don’t find bugs disgusting anymore (instead we see them all like butterflies), and let them, like all of nature come in the porous walls of the plant house. These bugs do not hurt the house itself, but live in it too. In the house walls are little passageways for little animals to find shelter.

Even with this pleasant invasion of nature into our living, all the best of modern technology survives. Yet. electricity is collected differently. We grow plants that can change sunlight into electricity for our technology. Once done with a device, it doesn’t end up in the trash, but decomposes in a special chamber that holds seals away any bad smell. The house uses the nutrition from our old devices, and used food to grow bigger. Also bugs are allowed into the chamber to help with the decomposition.

GTG. I was told to use my imagination. Maybe I will add more later.

I ended up cutting my comment short. I thought the plant that grew electricity was particularly a good idea, as it is called a power plant after all.

This future might seem unpleasant to you. You might not like bugs, even though they are like butterflies, in your house. I was in an organic mood at the time. Dreaming of a world where even the insects are honored. A fusion of the ancient and the modern technology.

You also might not like the apartment style of the tree house, but I was thinking of the tree house being a big community. More like a bigger family. Different kinds of trees would grow different foods, that you could trade with the other tree houses.

Realize that my imagined reality will not necessarily fit with yours. Now that I have heard the Star Trek kind of reality where food just gets printed in microwaves, growing food seems old school. Perhaps we could grow flowers in our house then.

This, however, is just an example of letting go of the rationality where our biggest possible win would be the lottery. Now, start hoping for something far greater that fits you perfectly. Starting with a World of Peace. Where everyone has food, shelter and love. What would this world look like, and how would it come to be? Would it be Star Trek, Faerieland, or the Land only you can help create.

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