How does Race stand up to the concept of Reincarnation

Attempting to fall asleep tossing and turning on Machinaw Island, I repeated may “May you be blessed” to no one in particular in my mind. Matt Kahn suggested this concept of repeating “May you be blessed,” in your mind when you cannot sleep. To me it is more relaxing then counting sheep, as with counting sheep my mind is occupied by the need to focus on numbers. I drafted into a closer state to sleep slowly. My mind drafted to the memories of the day, one being that countless Native American tribe Chiefs were buried on the Island.

As my mind focused on these past times, I couldn’t help but visualize a Native American Chief Spirit talking to me. He told me I was a powerful person capable of being far greater then I live. He spoke of my Past Life as a Native American in Michigan, and asked me to help the Native Americans. I told him that while I might have once been Native American the blood that flows through my veins now is Irish. What right did I have to take that path. He told me to bring forth the blood from my old life, for so much of it had been lost.

This got me to thinking about Reincarnation. It is very likely I have been many Races in my life. Sometimes of a Race that despised another. Yet, that other Race, I despised, I had lived a life in not long ago. I have likely been many religions in my lifetimes too.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply call forth the blood of a past life, to build back up the endless tribes that have lost so much over time. Yet, even if we could, perhaps it is more important to bring back the memories of how we lived in that life, to build the culture that was lost.

Infinite Waters, Diving Deep, has an interesting way of looking at Race. To him it is a human construction, yet, I question, is it always negative. Those who believe themselves a certain race, are often the ones who uphold that culture the best. The trick is not to be limited by the human construction. The funny thing is the Native American chief spirit didn’t tell me how I would be helping the Native Americans, just to help.

Below is Infinite Waters talking about race.


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