Following your dreams

I haven’t posted in a few days, and I have been mainly posting about health related issues lately. I think it is important to realize how important that the Thyroid is, and that conventional medicine does not always catch Thyroid problems, however, that is not the topic of this post.

I have a very simple (if difficult dream), to write out the world that is in my head. I am unable to do this because I am too concerned with it being perfect. I have been practicing my writing, on this blog, but the kind of practice I am doing is more like connecting my thoughts to words. I still do not feel any closer to writing out my world. Yet, it is valuable to form pathways between the brain and keyboard.

I need to stop focusing on perfection when it comes to writing. The story I write will likely never be published by a big publishing company. I will publish it on my own, so that it is out there, but I am not the best editor. I feel too guilty to ask my sister to edit (even if she is very good at it) because she is very busy.

So I will start reading Immediate Fiction again. I stopped because I did not like the story I was crafting. I still think I can learn from the book, even if I do not agree with everything.

I do not want to go to college for writing. I need to craft my own style, that is ungraded. Last time I focused on writing Fiction, I posted a lot less on this Blog. My desire to write was already filled. I will try to post more this time

I am not saying I have made many quality posts lately. I have been too caught up in health. I was also taking a break from the New Age topics, because I was tired of the conflict, in my mind, between mainstream science, and New Age beliefs.

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