Ocean themed dream

The first aspect I remember about the dream was that I was working.

A fellow employee was saving up to get married, and I was wearing work pants that looked like they had never been washed. The fellow employee saved up all their money and ran off to their wedding. I followed close behind going over rainbows, and plants that looked like each kind was from a different video game.

I reached the wedding and found my Mother celebrating with my sisters. They were eating yummy seafood and they invited me to join. While they ordered food for me, I ate all the food at the table. Then I thought my food arrived and I kept on eating. It was some sort of fish. A man next to me politely complained that that fish was his, and my food came to the table. I handed him my food only to discover it was a whole raw shark, and that I too had been eating a whole raw shark. I looked across the table and saw someone eating a baby whale.

I was distracted from the food ordeal because celebrations were starting outside. A line of elephants were being rode on a beach, and people with firecrackers stood all around. “No, that is dangerous!,” I tried to warn my sister. She had a firecracker in her hand, and I tried to take it away from her. She resisted, and no one listened to me. I could see angels all around trying to stop the disaster. Light built up inside them, and, because I was helping, inside me.

There was an explosion of light. Suddenly I found myself in the ocean holding my sister’s hand. It was so real I thought, This is a NDE. As I floated deeper my sisters hand was pulled from mine. I tried to keep hold of it, but I couldn’t.

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  1. That weird feeling of loss and terror might stick with you for a while….😔

    Just know, it’s okay to be you 😀. Heck, better than okay, it’s good!

    Dont assume you have lost support of family. Ask them, talk to them (even if it means hours of debate 😉).

    You might be surprised how much they care – even if it feels a bit misplaced.

    Take care,


    • Thank you. It wasn’t too scary of a dream, I was just experiencing the moment during most of it. It had enough interesting elements that I wanted to share.

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