Dream of being a Psychic trying to catch evil

I was new to the team of Psychics that worked with law enforcement to catch crime. Before I was accepted into the group, I had to use my powers to solve a problem. In the stress of the moment, I blew the reading, and was sent to work on my own, as only the most talented were accepted into the group. The criminal I was picking up on psychically was far more important then any other, so sending a newbie to work alone on it was a bad idea.

So, all alone, I started on the case. I was picking up on a Scientist who was not receiving the recognition she deserved. In anger she had moved to Antarctica and created a machine that warmed the Earth. She didn’t care that she was ruining the entire planet. We thought that Global Warming was from Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, but really it was from this machine.

I was going to deliver this information, and send the military to destroy the machine. However, this Scientist was talented, and had been able to pick up on me psychically discovering her evil. She and her team of evil minions went to capture me.

What ensued was an all out battle between the Psychics and Scientists. The Psychics had been able to sense I had important knowledge, and were trying to save me. I had almost made it to the group of Psychics when the Scientist unleashed an attack dog. The dog had been mistreated by the Scientist so attacked her instead. The Scientist’s evil sidekick stopped the dog (likely killing it), but the dog had already torn up the face of the Scientist. The sidekick called for the Psychics to turn on the T.V. The television had special healing powers that would restore the Scientist’s sight. This seemed like a bad idea, but the head Psychic had also been injured in the battle. This way everyone would be heal, including a Psychic who had run off by themselves down a series of tunnels.

(And then I woke up. I should have written down this dream in the morning, and not have waited until late at night. I lost so much detail. This story has so many stereotypical Evil Scientist elements that it would only make a good children’s story, but it was interesting to dream.)

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