Dream about the solution becoming the problem

A week ago I had this dream. I meant to write it down, am just getting to it now.

I discovered how to double the world’s farming area without cutting down more wildlife. I created a structure like a parking garage where one area of farm land was built on top of another. A special filter was placed above the structure that caught some of the sunlight from the top layer and transferred it to the second. It turns out Sunlight was more powerful then thought and able to grow two layers of plants instead of just one, if used properly.

I patented the invention, and only allowed organic farmers to use it. According to the movie Origins, organic farming could greatly increase yield over conventional farming. So I doubled the amount of farmland, and then increased it further. I was not content and continued to research ways to better farm.

Then other farmers started complaining that these structure were stealing all the rain water. For some reason the layer of cooler air in the bottom structure increased the likelihood of rain over the structure. Other areas, including all the wildlife I was saving, were suddenly without enough rain.

Wildfires started to increase across the areas in America that already suffer from wildfires. I heard tidbits from the News, “Why do people have the nerve too still live in these areas?” Another news reporter said, “In Michigan parents are afraid to send their kids out for Halloween. In Oklahoma parents are afraid to have their kids at home [due to the possibility of fire].”

The solution to world hunger was turning into a disaster. Science was rushing to find solutions. In one case humans started drilling caves under the wildlife to create the same rainfall effect the farming structures did.

I woke up. I do not know if science discovered the solution, but as it seems with all of history, Human made solutions that appear to save us can turn into disaster.

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