Dream theme: Final Fantasy (a video game)

I do not remember enough of this dream to make a full dream post focused solely on the dream, but I noticed a common theme. I will start playing a video game, say from my Brother’s collection, that is in the style of the Final Fantasy Games. In the dream I have knowledge I am playing a video game, but it is more vivid then any video game today. I am literally in the action.

It has been many years since I have played anything Final Fantasy, but the game left enough of an impression on me that I continue to dream about it, more then any other video game.

I hardly play anything anymore. After waiting forever to play the Sims 4 on my Mac, I hardly play it. It is too much frustration to go from an open world, back to a boxed world in the game. It is still a fun game, but not what I was hoping for. Video games, in general, don’t impress me like when I was young. Now that I have given up the free app style of game, I am game less.

Still I often dream in video game format. I think it automatically puts me in the mindset of: This is an adventure, I am saving the world! Yet, at the same time I know, its just a game.

What I remember of last nights dream is as follows. I found a game in my brothers collection. An old Final Fantasy, and I uncovered the old video gaming console. I went about picking the name for my character, and couldn’t think of one. I decided to stick with the default name. (Something I never did as a child. I aimed for mild comedy in my names. Such as having the main character named Pig, so that every conversation was an insult. It is funny to have someone begging you to save the world and insulting you at the same time.) In fact all the characters I ran into ended up with the default name.

I was walking down the road with my team. I was just starting out, and decided to save so as not to have to go through the opening scenes again. After the save, a conversation suddenly appeared on the screen. “A side character noticed someone in the bushes. Do you: A: Call them out, B: Ignore them.” It happened so fast that before I was done reading the choices disappeared. So I went back to my save, and choose, ‘A: Call them out.’ Apparently in this game there is a special side character who only can be played with if you act fast at the beginning of the game. I was happy I had just thought to save right before the encounter.

That is all I remember of the dream. Hardly enough to make a fuss about. Perhaps a sidekick will appear in my life, who will only be able to enter my life if I act quick… it was a Bard.sun_moon

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