I had a dream about America giving up its freedom

I went to take a short nap this afternoon, and slept a long time. In my dream Americans just handed over all their freedom. It wasn’t clear what for, but all the work of generations to build the land of the free was shrugged away. Perhaps it was the influence of the Media convincing us that freedom wasn’t as important as we thought.

So I watched powerlessly as those around me decided freedom was unimportant. Soon afterward the government started giving out mind controlling foods to control the population. It wasn’t clear if this had started before Americans had given away their rights, but the whole world was talking about how the United States was mistreating its people. Different countries were discussing about the importance of invading to free us. The world looked to China to start the war.

Yet, the American government told China, it didn’t care about its people. If you attack us, we will nuke you, and we don’t care about the people who will die if you nuke us back. So no war was waged to free the people.

There were some Americans who were unaffected by the mind controlling foods. They would pretend to take a trip to Canada, and then fly to Europe to live in freedom once again. There were also Americans hiding in Canada, but for some reason going to Europe was a better choice.

As someone unaffected by the mind control, I freed my family, and we went on a trip to Canada. At a Canadian airport we were buying tickets and rushing to a flight.

This is were the dream splits up. In one version, my family safely arrives in Europe and enjoys life.

After this happened my dream went back to the airport in Canada. Once again I was rushing through the airport with Canadians glancing at us go past. They knew what we were doing, and the United States government was upset with Canada for harboring and aiding fleeing Americans. So the United States attacked. Bombs were coming down on the airport, and we continued to rush to the plane. The last chance for freedom. I reached deep inside myself, and used my power to project a shield over the airport, and all the leaving planes.

Then someone called me on the phone. I woke, and do not know what happens next.

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