Category: Dream

Dream: Fire/Garden

I was at my apartment, but this time with my Mother and Father. They were asleep, and I noticed smoke coming from the radiator. I looked inside and saw fire. I went out in the hall and asked my neighbors if their apartment was on fire. “Yes!” So […]

Dream of a computer virus

Quite a while ago, when I had more money in my bank account, I invested in an apple computer. Last night I dreamed it had a horrible computer virus. I discovered the problem immediately, but because I apparently had not updated the anti-virus on my computer (which in […]

Dream of Awakening

Sorry if I make errors. My vision is blurry from having an eye infection, and I can finally look at a screen today. I am just noting a Dream I had. Well, I’ve had many dreams the last few days, as my body has been trying to fight […]

Dream about riches

Last night I dreamt that my Father wanted to take four of our family on an expensive vacation. My Mother was upset because airfare alone would have cost $3,000, and I decided to look into the situation. I discovered that the location could easily be driven to, or […]