Dream about Rain in California


Last night I dreamt that I was needed in California for the rain to return. I understood this in the dream, but did not know it. An organization faked me winning a house so that I would move to the state. Afterwards they gave me a car, because if I drove around the state the rain would come even faster.

“We need to celebrate the win, lets drive to the city to eat.” After we had practiced driving (I haven’t driven in years… phobia.) I got some confidence to drive on the highway to this restaurant. Afterwards the organization told me I had won a top of the line apple laptop. All I had to do was drive to this other city to pick it up. Then the organization told me that they would take me shopping for furniture in this city, to fill up the house I’d just won. Then there was no delivery at this store, so I had to go back and forth to drop things off at my house.

Next they gave me a video game and PS4.. or whatever number they are up to now. They told me they had designed a Video Game that teaches people to be good drivers. If I was ever unconfident about driving, to play this game.

Then I needed to pick up a lot of other things for the house. A bread warmer? A pizza oven, which I was worried would be too dangerous if little ones came to visit.

I think you get the idea of this dream. Lots of winning and driving. Just showing the world I do not always have stressful dreams. I am not stressed in stressful dreams, they can be fascinating. Anyway, I think a video game that teaches people how to drive is a great idea. They had those machines in drivers training, but they lasted only like 15 minutes. The game could even come with a possible arcade machine mode. The Arcade machine would have wheel and gear and panel. Go to the Arcade to practice driving before drivers training age. You could drive in different places, and get scores. You could even have different countries to drive in with different driving rules. Imagine driving in rome, with the streets designed based on real Rome. You would drive past different monuments… yep good idea for everyone who likes lead back driving practice.

Yep. I’d say it is a good idea, if done correctly.

Categories: Dream, Real Rainmakers

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