Another Dream: Librarianship

My dream turned to Librarianship as a job. The dream claimed it was a good way to make money. It said I should enter into college for Librarianship not this fall, but the next. This would give me time to try for Scholarships.

While I was getting a bad feeling about entering into Librarianship before, maybe the timing was just wrong. Instead of rushing into the program, I could take my time and prepare.

I have plans to get a Tarot Reading soon. I am hoping it could give me direction in life, because this reader helped me before. The reader will be unable to see me for a few more weeks.

You can plainly see, from my dream, that I am still thinking about Grad School. Lately, I have been having lots of trouble with sleep, and have been very tired throughout the day. If I were entered into Grad School for the coming fall, I would be worried about having the energy to study. Yet, at least I would have a feeling of moving forward in life.

Teaching myself how to write, isn’t going to well. I am all for pursuing dreams, but you must realize that it takes a special kind of person. Teal Scott makes it seem so easy, but she is a special kind of person.

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