Last Night Dream: Elementary

Okay this was two night ago, but close enough…

I was back as a child in Elementary, learning my maths and writings. A special event was being held at the school. My class gathered in a classroom, while a Shaman drummed music. A microphone was at the front of the room, and one by one my classmates went up to the microphone, and said anything they wanted to. Soon it was my turn. I got up and said, “Sorry I never took the time to really get to know any of you, because of my shyness.” The Shaman said, “There is nothing wrong with being shy. “I was too caught up in being unable to communicate to see who any of you were.” As I said this there was a smile on the Shaman’s face. For I could have easy used the time to blame my classmates for not accepting me in Elementary years. I was an outcast in my class. At the time I had a sense my friends were just trying to me nice to me, and not really friends.

Yet, I see now, I hardly knew who my classmates were. I was horrible at remembering names, and, even in a small class, didn’t know very many names. I am still horrible at remembering names, yet, I would say much better then before. I was so caught up in wondering why I didn’t fit in, that I didn’t really see my classmates.


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