Dream about riches

Last night I dreamt that my Father wanted to take four of our family on an expensive vacation. My Mother was upset because airfare alone would have cost $3,000, and I decided to look into the situation. I discovered that the location could easily be driven to, or if we flew to a nearby airport we could rent a car. For some reason just flying into this city was expensive. I also discovered that we had relatives who lived there that we could visit, saving on hotel costs.

So it was decided we would go to this city that was in Ohio, but for some reason Ohio was up next to Wisconsin. (Maps and dreams do always not mix.) Our relatives provided us with a whole hotel. One they kept in working order, just because they were rich, and didn’t rent out. They were waiting for the right person to take over, and run the place. We did not take advantage of this opportunity because we were too busy enjoying the hotel. Our relatives also provided us with expensive tailor made clothes, and threw a party at the hotel.

I met a guy at the party, lets call him Rich. We got along, and he promised to marry me. Then he was interested in another girl. She, like him, had a lot of money. She treated the hotel staff like trash, while I had become friends with the staff. Suddenly it dawned on Rich that if she treated the staff like this, after marriage she would treat him like this. So Rich went back to me.

This time he wasn’t ready for marriage, yet. First I had to lose weight. As I was planning on getting healthy anyway, this seemed like good motivation. So I lived in his house, and swim in his pool. He supported me so that I could focus on health as my full time job. I quickly became fit, but Rich still said I had to lose weight. I was beginning to wonder if he wanted me to be anorexic. I was a little wary that Rich was just taking advantage of me, but we lived as a couple.

Then one day Rich came home after having a Near Death Experience. He said that it taught him about how corrupt his family’s business was, and he started asking his family what they thought of the business. One by one they said things like, “Takes advantage of employees.” My turn to talk was coming up, and I felt like I was at school when they go around the table giving ideas. I was happy I had time to think of something to say, but when it came to my turn I was honest. I said, “Too me the family represents the unattainable.” Everyone looked at me as an outsider. (Awake now, I don’t blame them.)

I didn’t get too caught up in the Near Death Experience, I just explained to Rich that this is what he had had. Suddenly it dawned on me that if Rich left me, I wouldn’t be able to support myself. I’d have a big block of time as unemployed on my resume. So I decided that I had worked at his company while getting healthy. Yet, his company could just bitter gave me a bad reference after the relationship was over.

Then I woke up, with a knowledge that it was time to get up. I do not really understand my dream. I do not plan on getting married in my life. I don’t think I was in love with Rich either, I just wanted to be rich.

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