Category: Dream

After the Dream

I did not stop to write down this moment until now. I had been dreaming about my past. My college years, I think. Yet, the dream evaporated the moment I woke up. For a good minute after waking, I did not know where I was. I didn’t not […]

Dreams: I Love You

Last night I fell asleep repeating, “I Love You.” Even in my dreams I was conscious enough to continue the repetition. There was a pause between each “I Love You.” I didn’t realize at first, but I was silent on the inhale, and mentally said “I Love You” […]

Dream: K-pop/Youth

It was any Yugyeom fan’s dream of dreams. I moved to Korea. I remember the feeling of crossing the ocean and arriving in the country. I didn’t take a flight, but transported my entire body across all that distance. Now I have had dreams of transporting to Korea […]

Dream: Cameras Glore

This is a dream about technology in the field of Cameras. I was visiting Laura Bruno’s site, and strangely enough she had decided to Blog about a new kind of really cheap camera. On this dreamed post, it showed a picture taking by a camera that sells for […]

Dream of Disclosure to Self

Hello, I have found that watching Wisdom Teaching by David Wilcock leads to some pretty interesting dreams. The first night after discovering the show, I had a dream of all the inside information David Wilcock could not reveal on the show, being told to me through shows. I, […]