Dream of Awakening

Sorry if I make errors. My vision is blurry from having an eye infection, and I can finally look at a screen today.

I am just noting a Dream I had. Well, I’ve had many dreams the last few days, as my body has been trying to fight the infection with sleep. I finally broke down and saw a Doctor about the infection.

I had been listening to Kryon, who is said to be able heal. I talked to myself positively saying, “My eye is healthy. I love you eye. You are very important to me eye.” Yet, it seemed no amount of going through the steps of healing was working.

My eyes was getting worse and more painful. So I went on a journey of talking a taxi to a Doctor, and getting special eye drops. I need to put in the drops every 4 hours.

Last night while I was sleeping I dreamed Mandala of light. It was the generic symbol of Enlightenment, not a particular Mandala at all. Looking at it came a knowing of a dual meaning, “You have awoken. Your illness has passed.” Then the timer went off to add more eyedrops.

I think in awakening there comes at certain point where a person has to decide they are Awake. With this dream I can make that decision. I still plan on growing, but from the perspective of one who is Awake.

In the dream, ‘the illness has passed,’ part came with the understanding that this was the tipping point. The main infection was gone, and healing was the next step.

So I have been watching Matt Kahn videos. Enjoying having eyes that are not in pain while looking at the screen. I did laundry, and took a shower. The shower washed away the tears that had dried in my hair as my eyes tired to cry the infection away. The laundry washed the infected tears from my pillow. Tonight I can sleep without worry of the infection spending because I was too sick to do laundry.

I think that there is meaning in that I was not able to fight the illness without the help of conventional medicine. An Awakened being still needs the help of medicine. Was not Buddha’s death due to infected pork? Even at his level of Enlightenment he was not above getting sick. Being sick, and being unable to heal oneself doesn’t mean one is unawake.

Perhaps the path of our healing requires a social aspect. Our soul wants us to go and ask for help. Our soul wants us to have the benefit of receiving help.

Oh my, have I been sleeping a lot with this infection. Yet, my attitude has been good. It enabled me to take time to focus on the words of Kyron, and try the teachings. I was unable to listen to Matt Kahn during the illness, because I wanted to watch his videos (not just listen). Yet, I think his words on illness being an excuse for the Body to catch up with the Soul was encouraging.

Tomorrow might be Gardening time. If my eye is healed enough, I will plant my Garden. I planned on doing it days ago, but you know plans change.

I set my Intention for this illness. As my body washes away the remaining Infection from my sight, let the infection of the world be washed away. The turning point has come, not just for my illness, but for the whole world. From now on out the infection has lost, and sight returns to all of humanity. With the help of each other, we will clear the losing disease away.

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