Dream of a computer virus


Quite a while ago, when I had more money in my bank account, I invested in an apple computer. Last night I dreamed it had a horrible computer virus. I discovered the problem immediately, but because I apparently had not updated the anti-virus on my computer (which in wakening life, updates on its own) my computer was unprepared. It was a horrible virus that stole my Blog, and 80% of my personal data. I had to update my anti-virus, but the virus expanded every time I tried to connect to the internet.

Then the dream switched. There was a horrible virus going around. It was like a cold, but deadly. My family left their jobs, and locked themselves away. Yet, someone had to get food to the house. So I would go to the grocery store, and leave food at my family’s doorstep. Then I caught the virus, only I was different. My immune system was the only one to conquer it. Scientists studied me, and tried to transfer my immunity to humanity.

This dream involved a lot of grocery shopping, and, for some reason, running from dinosaurs in grocery stores.

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  1. Wow, what a vivid dream. Such detail. None of it is that far fetched. I think we all have stuff like that running around in our unconscious because of the times we are in. The dinosaurs are a little far fetched, but symbolically they could be another fear, or another viral attacker. Cool that you were immune to the virus! You told it well. I laughed about the dinosaurs at the end, and they never caught you.

    • When I remember dreams they are vivid. I rarely feel fear while sleeping anymore, I am kind of in the moment. Even if it is something scary, I have not woken up in fear for years. It was always rare for me to have am actual nightmare.

      • That’s great! I hardly ever remember my dreams anymore. I miss them.

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