Even if You Don’t Like Gaia Portal…

Actually, when I read about the ‘invasives’ in forested areas I thought about all the invasive species crowding out the native in the wild. In Michigan forests, you have the Gypsy Moth, Stink Bugs and so much more.

In Michigan Lakes, you have the Zebra Mussel and ocean toothed fish (whereas fish native to the great lakes have no teeth because they didn’t need them before the Zebra Mussels.)

So I pictured balance returning in our wilderness and less about invasives in politics. When I think of invasives in politics I think of spies more than anything else.

Perhaps when we clear the invasives out of the other realms, nature will naturally do the same as the outside world is a reflection of the inside.

There can be many kinds of invasives more than spirit beings are the thoughts that are not native to us that others have let us borrow. These can be beneficial, but many of the ideas we encounter push out the native belief like the Zebra Mussel has been eating the foods in the great lakes.

So ask yourself, what do you really know based on your experience? Now while following alternative media has helped me be less swayed by MSM into that narrative of ‘FEAR’ ‘BAD NEWS EVERYWHERE’ it too is a set of beliefs that are not native to me. Following it has helped me greatly consider alternative views to the narrative of people around me. Yet, it isn’t my truth. It is just a truth less listened to… that is becoming ever more important.

It is your feelings that will help you shift through the varies beliefs out there to discover your own. “Does this idea make me feel good?” Should be the primary way to tell if something to true to your native belief system. If a belief feels good, it is a Native Belief to your personal ecosystem. I cannot tell you which beliefs are right because my ecosystem of Native Beliefs is Invasive to your Beliefs.

So what you must do is write out the things you BELIEVE and go through the list feeling each statement deeply to see if it aligns. You do not have to share the list, but you can help teach others how to return to a Native Belief system as I am giving you the suggestions of how to do so.

The more Native your ecosystem of beliefs becomes. The more every aspect of life from politics, economics to nature itself will become strong ecosystems filled with Native Species.

I, originally, didn’t plan on this comment being so long. It is being turned into a Reblog as it was directed to a general audience after the first statement and not just you Rosalie. I do not know if the advice will help you because I have only seen your wonderful posts. You are already wise in different ways than me. I cannot be the judge of who needs to do this process because I only have my own set of Native Ecosystem Beliefs to go by.

The New Earth Blog ~ Creating Our New Life in the Age of Compassion

Even if you don’t like Gaia Portal, you still may find some helpful words in my interpretations.  My Higher Self aids me in my posts, knowing that my mission is for everyday people, and guides me to expand the words into what others may need.  If you wonder why Gaia Portal messages don’t just say in plain words, what they have to say, well, I agree with you.  ÉirePort Group have explained the multidimensionality of the Gaia messages in a couple of past posts.  I think the following message from ÉirePort Group does that well and  gives us a very positive note.  Dissemination of optimism helps us all and assures that the world we are creating is a happy, loving one.

Following that, I tell you what I get out of the last two Gaia Portal posts, planning to fill in the rest of the March messages in another post.

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