A windy quiet day — updates

I guess I need to give an explanation of my sudden desire to lose weight. I might have Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver. Even the Doctor is unsure this is why my Liver enzymes are high. They think it could also be linked to my medication.

Anyway, a part of me has wanted to lose weight for a while. I knew that my outside form does not match my Spirit body. Why? No matter what the mirror tells me when I walk down the street, I feel skinny. I do not have the mentality of someone who Doctors say needs to lose 20 lbs or more.

There is nothing wrong with being heavyset, but my body was designed to be thin. I am thin boned, I was one of the skinniest in my class to the point that people would ask my Mom if she was feeding me enough.

Something happened to my system that threw my thyroid for a loop the second year of college. Perhaps it was the diet that consisted mainly of spaghetti, chicken, eggs and ramen noodles. My thyroid became so imbalanced that it affected my mind…

Enough history. Long story short, I want to lose a lot more than 20 lbs. Yet, I want to do it over enough time that my skin does not sag due to too quick of weight loss. So I figured to eat enough calories each day to only lose 1 lb a week might be a slow enough weight loss to allow my skin to keep up with the process.

However, at this rate, I will be on the weight loss diet for over a year in order to reach my goal. My goal is 135-145 lb. This is the middle to the top weight I can be without being considered overweight or obese. I am 190 lbs. So I need to lose 55 lbs.

It has been a long time since my last weight loss attempt. Before I would give up after 20 lbs lost. This is right around the point when my weight loss progress decreases. This is the 6 months into dieting point.

However, I have learned a lot about dieting and food since my first attempt. The first time I tried dieting I would mainly eat frozen meals so I knew how many calories exactly.  Or I would limit myself to restaurants where I could look up the number of calories. Well, my second attempt of Weight Watchers taught me how to eat at a normal restaurant and still count it.

I still am mainly unable to eat frozen meals after eating them so much my first diet attempt.

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  1. We are around the same weight. I would like to be around 145 lbs. Give or take 10 lbs. I haven’t really been exercising like I should, but I am eating less by keeping myself occupied enough to reduce leisure eating. Basically being mindful enough to only calorie splurge once a week. Not counting calories, but not necessary once you have an idea about the calorie content of something.

    • My exercise of choice is walking. I think after I drop a little weight jogging will be easier. At my weight walking can be as much of a calorie burning process as others jogging. Each step I have a 55 lb weight to take with me.

      I just need to get on the healthier choices track and I notice I make such choices more consistantly when I diet. My Doctors says that if I don’t want to go the diet track to train myself to be a runner. You seem to be going the exercise track.

      I have been walking more lately too.

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