Feeling that I have not yet found my audience

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I have a few loyal followers, but I have not really found my audience it seems. Bashar says to follow your excitement and share your message. He says that for every person’s message is an audience that needs to hear it. I am beginning to think that the Bashar forum is not the best place to share my message. I go long periods without posting there after initially posting many posts.

I do not really think they want to hear my understanding of what Bashar is saying along with my own personal understanding blended in.

Here is a sharing that will go unadvertised by tags or image. I am writing for the sake of writing to my invisible Internet audience, if someone needs to hear my message, they will find this post.

First off, all News is Real News in some Reality. Yes, Bashar says that if you are able to imagine it, it is Real in some Reality. Most people do not intently spread what the Internet refers to as Fake News. Instead, they are reporting on their reality as they understand it. Sometimes a person does turn into a troll and create an article that they think is lies. However, they would not have been able to come up with those lies unless in some reality they were true. So, everything you have able been able to conceive of is Real News, but it might not be the News of the Reality you prefer. (You have a choice here.)

So neither the alternative media that says the mainstream news is the ‘fake news’ nor the mainstream news that says the alternative media is ‘fake news’ really understand the multidimensionality of reality. In this pointing of fingers at each other, they are both incorrect and would at the same time be correct. HOW? There is a reality in which the mainstream media is reporting what they believe to be lies while the alternative media exposes them. There is also a reality where the alternative media is reporting lies while the mainstream media upholds the standards of professional journalism.

So look at both realities and decide for yourself which you want to believe. The truth is a multidimensional multicellular mixture of the two. You will visit both realities. You will run across times when you read an alternative media article exposing the deep truth that is hidden and you will read mainstream media journalism that is exposing a deep truth. You will read alternative media that is written by someone trying to misinform you and you will read articles where the mainstream media is attempting such.

Journalism is inherently just as flawed a concept as Language is. The Journalist can only report what they believed of the event, while you reading it will perceive what you believe they are reporting that is not actually what they intended to report with 100% accuracy.

Similarly, you can read what I am writing and I can attempt to explain this concept clearly, but what you take away from reading this is not the concept I was attempting to explain due to the flawed nature of Language. Language is a set of symbols or sounds meant to represent something else. Yet the word is not the object. I can write red, but it is not red. THIS IS RED, but RED is not THIS. THIS is also not ****. If I know how to turn a small portion of the background color RED. I would do so. Yet if I wanted to clearly write on top of that RED (READ) background I would likely need to use the color white.

So understanding that most people who write (right) a NEWS article are reporting their view of what REALITY is and that they are ultimately doomed to FAIL. All NEWS is both REAL NEWS and at the same time FAKE NEWS.

I have written before that I am a studier of the reality of those who are attempting to write their own reality instead of adopting a PRE-MADE one. PRE-MADE realities come with labels like Science, Religion, Political, to name a few. Yet, most people’s reality is a mixture of different labels. Yet, the label cannot contain that person’s REALITY anymore then this word is RED.

So I have listened to the Realities of Channelers, Starseeds, Old Souls, Wise Women…. because we by the limitation of LABELS need a word to define a REALITY.

It is all so very complex of a system, language is. For the label is not the person and each REALITY is naturally tailor made to the person who is not really the name they are called.

So I attempt this game called Communication having failed at it and at the same time being doomed by its limitations to fail at it. I am a WRITER. You reading this can hear your version of my voice talking in your head. You think I am writing to be READ.

No, I write to come to a personal understanding of the multidimensional universe. Consequently, I do not know how to think and understand on this level without using words in my head. If I did not write (right) out the words, I could not slow them down long enough to hold them. They would pass and be forgotten like so many other deep thinkings. I come too quickly. So many thoughts I have in a day and if I do not stop to write them out, they exist in a non-translated form outside of the bounds of Language.

So I am taking the time to write this post on REALITY. How it is all very real as REAL NEWS and also at the same time very fake as FAKE NEWS. These things exist simultaneously without really negating each other. EVERYTHING around you is VERY VERY REAL and VERY VERY FAKE. Movies like the Matrix help a person comprehend artistically and emotionally the VERY VERY FAKE nature of REALITY.

However, just as all NEWS is Real News. All Reality is REALity. Yet the word Reality is not REALity. I am attempting to throw back to the word RED not being ****. With the coloration. For the limitations expressing a reality are as limited by language as expressing the color **** with a word.

Interestingly enough as a Blogger, I have attempted to convey my reality without even understanding my own reality. For each person’s reality is as multidimensional as the Universe within them. For the brain is not made up solely of LOGIC and Language. Nor is it solely the EMOTION or Senses. The body is not made up soles of the brain nor the heart. Every person’s REALity is more complex than the Body itself.

So I study other people’s reality in order to understand bits and pieces of my own reality. I write in order to slow done the entire process and understand for myself who I am. For I am the Actor who writes a persona while existing without a persona. I feel the flow of being the Wise Women so I write from the persona of the Wise Women, but the that Women is an element within me. I could not write as one if I were not one.

I am also noted by my own words to often write as the GURU. The Guru gets a lot of flap from the SKEPTIC, but I would not read the words of someone being the skeptic and understand them if that persona were not a part of my multidimensional reality/brain/body/self.

I now think I understand the Internet Guru all Bentinho a bit more. He is not trying to tell you how to think. He is speaking as I am writing, for himself. He is slowing down the process of thought and as other people are willing (welling) to listen to his thoughts and pay for them, he takes on the role of Guru. People looking at him are not really seeing Bentinho, but the Wiseman or Guru within themselves. They pay him to represent the Guru within themselves. For they could not understand what he was saying if they did not have an element within their multidimensionality that said the same.

So I wonder, if someone reads this, what label they would give me. I am notorious for trying on many labels and bringing out many aspects of my multidimensional self to play. If you sign up to follow this Blog for whatever you label this writing as meaning, I am sorry but I will flip to another aspect of myself.

There is the aspect of myself that is the doubter, the confident one, the conspiracy theorist, the liberal, the conservative, the devote religious one, the rebel free thinker, the melancholy one, the closed minded one, the so opened minded I don’t care if my brain falls out one… etc.

I am a multidimensional representation of all that is. The devote religious one would say instead, “I am made in the Image of God.” God is everything, so within me, I house the personas of every mask in creation. Only when I put them on, I am not acting. It is just another aspect of God, or God’s Child coming out to play.

All these aspects are ME. All these are I. All of us are Images of God coming out to play together. Today, I am showing you this aspect of yourself, which is also an aspect of myself. I am your Mirror and you are my Mirror. In you, I see what I think you are, which is also a part of myself.

So we are one and separate. Yet, at the same time, you cannot understand what I am saying 100%. You do not see 100% of me in these words. In fact, you do not see more than pixels on a screen. You look at the pixels and they form words, which are symbols that mean something to you.

Right now I am projecting one of my many personas into the universe to be a reflection to you. In short, I am writing.

Did you ever comprehend the beauty of this SPELLing? As I am made in the image of God, I cannot write except as in the reflection of an aspect of God. God the multidimensional universe that is ALL THAT IS.

Now I do not know what I am really doing. These things I am writing feel like thoughts that I am reporting. Yet, in just reporting my series of thoughts, I am slowing down the thoughts of the universe into a solid form that can be read. Some would use the charged word of Channeling for this process. Some would be afraid of this word. Yet, Channeling is just another word for writing or speaking one’s thoughts.

I sensed that the pointing out of the SPELL part of spelling could make the devote religious aspect of myself fearful. In short, I envisioned someone reading that word and becoming afraid because of preconceived notions.

Yet, in reality, I am just using the both mystical and limited tool of Language. In short, I am writing. The kind of writing that some would decide to label as a channeling and while that is correct it is also incorrect. I am only putting the thoughts that come into my mind into the keyboard. I am only moving my fingers typing what comes to my mind.

I cannot write and not channel because I am all aspects of the universe. Made in the image of God I am as multidimensional as him/her/it. Everyone who writes is channeling an aspect of God.

I really want to read what I have written/channeled/thought.

Report after reflection (re-read and did some basic grammar edits):

I really wrote a lot. As I intended I will not tag this, but I do think it is quality enough to deserve a tag. I am just going to let the Universe be my tagging system. Those who can read this and learn something from it will find it based on a Universal search system that is better than google.



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