To Follow Excitement: Unprofessional Pokemon Go Player


Image by Sergio called Go Charmander

In the Summer my life is going to change. I might be moving to a new apartment and my position as a Nanny will be over. The question becomes, what to base my life on when I only have to take care of myself.

So I have decided on a trail run at that point beginning as much as possible now. I will keep my Part-time job, but I will replace my Nanny Part-time job with the Job of Following Excitement. Starting now, I am hiring myself as a Unprofessional Pokemon Go player. When I have the free time, and the weather is nice, I will be seen walking. I will be playing Pokemon Go and listening to audiobooks at the same time.

In short, I am going to stop listening to my families encouragement to ‘take any job.’ I am going to take the advice of my Psychiatrist and Therapists. These two kinds of Professionals actually consider me ill enough to advise me to not ‘take any job.’ They talk about the possibility of the Stress of Full-time work as making my symptoms return. They want me in the right job which to them is a low stress one.

As unemployment is high, low stress jobs are hard to be hired for. My Part-time job is low stress, but they have not hired me Full-time after I have worked there over 5 years.

Long have I listened to Bashar and Abraham. Their words will never really be understood unless I put them to the test. So in this potentially stressful time of life change. I am going my own route.

My Highest Excitement at this point is to get out on nice days to play Pokemon Go. To walk long distances, sometimes listening to nothing and focusing on the game. At others times I will be listening to an audiobook at the same time. I have been indoors too much due to the winter. Now that things are getting warmer, I want to enjoy long walks again.

I recently got a new phone, and can finally play Pokemon Go. Today I walked… 5.3 mi. The day before I walked 1.7 mi and the day before that 6 mi. The strange thing is that if I walk at a natural pace, I do not get tired of walking. My legs like to walk. Not a fan of running. Anyway, Pokemon Go is yet another excuse for me to walk for miles. I was already spending time walking (excluding winter) yet now I can walk more.

My Service is writing on this Blog. My career is now Pokemon Go Player.

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