Remembrance of the Hawaii Dream

In my Hawaii dream, I somehow attracted more Whales to Hawaii and this was cleaning the oceans.

Here is part of what I posted on a forum.

I think I hit gold on this Dream House in Hawaii because I dreamed about it. I dreamed that I was a part of this site and was getting paid to live in my Dream House until someone else brought it. They paid for my airfare to Hawaii, the bills, and gave me enough money for the stay so that with my Disability income I was able to live well. (Like that example Darryl gave only my dream house.)

Anyway, the moment I arrived at the house, Whales started swimming as close as they could to the beach house. Hundreds of thousands of Whales. Blue Whales, Humpback Whales and Killer Whales and even kinds of Whales that are now thought of as extinct. My energy somehow helped them heal from the radiation. The Whales also gained the ability to digest plastic/metal and went about cleaning the oceans further.

Anyway, people were so impressed by my ability to help the Whales (in the dream) that they started trying to help me buy a house in Hawaii. They took me to a Luxury House even more expensive than my dream house. The kind of house that requires a Butler. They even paid for someone to stand as a Butler and get me used to all the details that go with having a Luxury House.

While I might not be in a dream house in Hawaii, I have discovered where to focus by blessings in order to best heal the oceans. Heal the Whales!

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