I recommend this Abraham video on Earth Frequency

In this video, I am posting someone asks Abraham about E.T.’s and meeting the beings like that Esther channels. Or at least that is the feeling I have of what they are asking. Anyway, Esther talks about being able to handle their vibration of high manifestation before we will be given the chance to meet them. Esther is able to communicate through frequency and some people are able to do so.

I relistened to this channeling and discovered that while I was on point. I overlooked the most important messages in this. Abraham is really talking about some important things in this channeling having to do with the frequency of Earth that we tuned into before coming here.

I am having trouble writing the deeper message I received as my mind drifted to other ideas as I listened. In short, I cannot really explain it well without sounding like a GURU again. So I will put it shortly.

I think Mental Illness happens when a person is off-tune with the Earth Frequency. They are between to different radio stations (or due to multidimensionality lots of different radio stations) at once. What is more important is that they are off-tune with their core inner frequency to the point that it can be damaging to the core frequency. Don’t worry the core frequency can recover, but the process of recovery feels like depression.

Now many people are off-tune with their core frequency to the point that they have trouble manifesting. Yet, when they become off tune to the point they perceive other realities without wanting to. This can be dangerous if the person is not a master of their core frequency to the point that it is unharmed by the process.

People point to Shamans as examples of why ‘mental illness’ is actually a Shamanic Awakening. Yet these people fail to focus on the ‘Shaman’s Sickness.’ This is the melancholy and hard road a Shaman must walk in order to reach Mastery.

UGH… there I was starting to sound like a Guru pushing my views and beliefs onto you as if my way was the only way. :eye roll: I was so going to keep it short and simple, but no Guru Lisa woke up to write. đŸ˜†

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