I have a feeling I should write, but I know not what about. Writing is, in a way, a form of entertainment. I have been listening to the two Dolores Cannon books on Next in line is an Alan Watts or Abraham Hicks audiobook.

I intend to stay with Audible until the Matt Kahn book is released as an audiobook. I did try to read the book but found the words so relaxing that I was unable to remember what I was reading. So I have been waiting for the audiobook in order to listen to the book. Hopefully, my comprehension will increase with the audiobook.

It is hard to find the kind of book I enjoy in audiobook form at a library. I have stated this before. Out of the 19 books, Dolores Cannon, has written only two are in audiobook form. I do so enjoy walking and listening to speech or books. It is not as easy to walk and read at the same time (nor as safe.)

It was her two most recent books that were made into audiobooks, ‘Between Life and Death,’ and ‘Keepers of the Garden.’ I finished ‘Between Life and Death,’ and am working on ‘Keepers of the Garden.’

I have looked into getting QHHT before, but rumors on the Internet are that it is illegal to put someone with what my mental illness might be under hypnosis. I have read no official studies that say this, just a random comment on the Internet. If my psychiatrist says it is fine, it would cost me $300 for the rather long hypnosis.

Considering I need to save up money for the Angel Academy 7, unless I win money, I will not soon have $300 to spend on my curiosity. I did not get the job I had an interview for so will not have excess money.

I honestly have not been out and about walking as much lately. First I was staying in to override the temptation of going to a coffee shop and then I was busy. I do not know if I will feel next week too hot for long walks.

I ended up with my first ever Heat Rash which might have been a reaction to the carpets being cleaned instead of a Heat Rash. The smell of the clean carpets made me feel so sick I lost my dinner two weeks ago. Even if the cleaner said the solution was mild and safe for pets, perhaps I have an allergy to something in it.

About a week after the carpet was cleaned, I started to get a Rash. It did not get bad, but on my neck, there are still some itchy bumps.

Either way, I am looking forward to that time in Fall when it is cool, but not cold. I am looking forward to Pumpkins and Fresh Apples. I love Apple Cider and Donuts. I have been known to go Apple Picking in Fall, which starts with Apple Cider/Donuts before the work or after.

Summer is fun, but I am not built for heat. I like Summer when it isn’t so hot out. Even if I tend to be able to stand more heat than others without noticing it. I can also stand a bit more coldness.

Anyway, I am about to continue to listening to ‘Keepers of the Garden.’ The book makes me feel particularly like a Starseed. I felt I should stop and write something. Now I have written and even if I am unsure of the entertainment value of this post, I will post it.

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