Legacy in words

It was a good day today with lots of walking. The apartment remains peaceful as the first day of classes inches closer. I am only taking one course this semester, but have ambitions to create artwork for Instagram and maybe videos. I remain better at writing than talking in front of a camera.

I suppose I leave my legacy in words. Across the Internet under various user names, I have made a trail of positivity. Perhaps this blog will be my legacy. All these years of writing, will someone someday look back and get a feeling for what life was like for a loosely new aged individual from 2012-2020 and beyond?

I have converted a large number of my posts back to draft form, I’ve been down rabbit holes that I would prefer not leaving a trail to find on my blog. Yet, I suppose there are traces of the trails still in my published posts.

I try to be open minded and always listen. Not only listen, but also hear. I do not know what the future holds for me, will it be a repeat of the past? Will my years of studying esoteric knowledge enable me to catapult from patterns into a new way of life?

Will I be forgotten in the noise of all those yelling? The quiet one who stopped to meditate when the world was clamoring for attention. As nice as it is to be remembered, I think it better to live in peace. I spread kindness and healing secretly. I do not treat others well for reward.

What does the future hold? How does this quest of life continue from this point on? I’ve always been in the here and now. Perhaps I should focus my attention on the here and now.

I have a new roommate. She has a very different personality from me, but we have a bit in common. I seek peace and she seeks experience. With all my study and reading, I actually have very little experience in life. I have learned a lot, but done very little. I did not seek out the traditional life of marriage and family. I did not put much focus on the path of career. Being a quiet individual, I hardly ever party. My element is the quiet library or chill coffee shop.

The most adventurous thing I did within the last two years, is attend a BTS concert all alone. A week before the concert I got an intuitive message that BTS needed healing, and I had a ticket to a sold out concert in little time at all.

At the concert I think I empathed the ARMY’s love of BTS quite a bit. I know I could have sent the energy back, but it is fun to be a fan. I’m keeping this energy, thank you.

I do not know if I will leave a legacy. It actually isn’t on the top of my list. I’m more likely to seek Nirvana, but that really isn’t my goal either. I read a lot of spiritual texts because I genuinely enjoy reading them. I feel I learn something from them, even if I am not sure what. As for Nirvana, I have all of eternity to reach it. Why rush?

I guess I am continuing to channel the tortoise, I’ve never been much of a rabbit or hare. I’ve known that about myself for a long time. I think in heaven I will be found in the comfiest chair in the local coffee shop reading, creating artwork, writing, etc. As the comfiest chair in a coffee shop is currently out of my reach, I am pretending to be writing in a coffee shop at this moment.

On this perfect Summer day, I have a large cup of Iced Green Tea and often overlook the sound of the espresso machine. The day has turned into night, so I guess I should be heading home soon. The coffee shop is playing a little Motown, a good choice for being so close to Detroit. I have a lemon bar to snack on. My artwork is hanging on the walls among other local artists.

Okay enough fantasying about my favorite coffee shop which has now closed for good. I have a new coffee shop with lots of Starbucks tumblers and it even has a cat named Jemma. In one room there is a comfy chair and a bed for naps (Jemma currently picked the bed for napping) and another room has a sofa with TV. Yesterday, in the kitchen I cooked a carrot cake with orange cream cheese icing, and it is in the fridge waiting for me today. I have the makings for lemon bars when I get around to it.

Now I have to stop writing because carrot cake is calling me.

Picture from before Christmas 2019

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  1. I too am much better with writing than I am in anything real-time, so I totally get you there. I also like to think I’m leaving behind a trail of positivity and inspiration. Let’s toast to us contributing to a better internet one blog post at a time!

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