Half way there!

Hello Readers and World,

I have a goal, to always have more views then the year before. Last years was a good year for views, with a post, I have taken down, being linked to on Facebook by someone who was able to give me 228 views in one day alone. I do not talk much about how many views I get, because I am a small fish. Last year, was so successful that just now I have reached the half way point of the views I had last year. I do not know if I will reach my goal of every year having more views then the year before.

As you might have noticed for my birthday, I invested in a premium theme. I have not had inspiration to Channel, or do what I consider a quality posting. It is September finally.

I was listening to the Pleiadian Delegate, which is a channel on youtube that caught my eye. I think there is a very important message in this video.

Because why wait any longer? September is here, stop waiting, and be in the NOW.

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