Candace’s Past Life Regression with the Master, Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon is a legend, or at least she deserves to be. I have never read any of her books, but have watched her in youtube interviews. It was maybe a few months before she died, and she was talking about the New Earth. I got the sudden impression that she would not be alive much longer, but I now have a theory.

Dolores Cannon’s New Earth was on another timeline. In her reality she went with those who were ready to go to the New Earth. She is there already. The timeline I choose was to stay with the Old Earth until the entire Old Earth became New.

Instead of being taken to another planet, I wait for the Old Earth to ascend. I could not leave everyone behind, but that is the reality Dolores decided on. Whatever, her personal reasons, for leaving the first Earth behind, the day she spoke of, arrived the day she died. Others have been joining her.

Timelines are so beautifully crafted that time can split, and no one will notice. One person will just appear to die, when in fact they just choose the other timeline.

Sometimes a person can be in more then one timeline at once. Only consciously aware of one, but the result of someone picking another timeline doesn’t always mean death in yours.

I think however the New Earth, is so occupying that many are choosing just that one timeline. It is a fresh start, that will split into many timelines by the time it is old.

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Dolores Cannon – My Past Life Regression Session with the Master

It was a brilliantly clear, dark and starry sky the early morning I left to drive to northwest Arkansas for Dolores Cannon’s Past Life Regression class. I remember standing on our driveway mentally going over what I would need for the next five days. I was pretty sure I had packed everything necessary. I opened the back door of the pickup truck and tossed in my backpack.

That’s when time slowed. Waaaaaaaay down.

I watched the backpack leave my hands and arc into the back seat in extremely slow motion. As it inched slowly through midair I imagined the drive. I watched mile after mile of highway pass through the windows. I saw myself drinking coffee and putting fuel in the tank and divining the gas stations with the cleanest restrooms along…

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