If I had one thing to add, to the noise of the Internet, the constant notifications, dooms days and worries. What should I write. It will go in this massive heap of energy so vibrating it would give more then a electric shock. The only thing that would stand out was peace. A moment of silence, at moment to let go, and be.

For the phones be buzzing, and if you are not reacting to your own, it is someones else’s. The notification doesn’t even have to be similar to your own, and you check your phone. Your phone doesn’t even have to ring, but the car vibrate in such a way. You check your phone.

Oh yes, the wondrous things humans have created, to make more noise. Before the ringing of the phones, it was the ticking of the clocks. Tick tock, tick tock. Invented to be useful, polluted to be slavery.

For now there is no escape from the work emails. If for a moment you happen to forget the world, BEEP, RING, TOCK.


Categories: Beginnings

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