Dream last night: SIMS 4

Hello World,

Every now and then I talk about an interesting dream. This is not like the other dreams I talked about.

I was low on money with $10 left to spend in September. I was however taken by an inexplicable need to buy an expansion pack to the Sims 4. I, however, would not make rent if I brought the expansion pack. I settled on buying a sort of expansion pack… I think it is called a stuff pack. I was able to find a Stuff pack on sale for $6.99, but knew I’d only have about $3 left to spend on food if I wanted to make rent.

I was researching all the expansion packs that had been released for the Sims 4, when my alarm went out. I had been so frustrated by this dream, that even though I accidentally set my alarm one hour early, I got up.

It is totally a dream about lack. Desiring something unessential (games) to the point that essentials (food) get put on hold. September had seemed like a abundant month to me. I stayed home more, eating pasta mostly, so didn’t waste as much going out to eat. This enabled me to get a theme for my blog, and other non-essentials that would have normally made the end of the month tight on money.

Yet, here I was feeling the pressure of being tight on money, and still tightening the pressure by unwisely investing in a game. The whole timSImse I was thinking in the back of my mind, “I thought I was disappointed in the Sims 4 to the point I barely played it? Why do I need this expansion pack?” I think this added another layer to the dream, not only was an an unessential, but I didn’t even really want it.

Now I am wondering if I need to buy that expansion pack in October. The desire for that expansion pack was so great it lingered after the dream.  I have much more then $10 before I don’t make rent, but prefer to wait a few days until my paycheck comes in.

I am now asking myself, do I really want to invest in the Sims?

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