Talk of my garden

As the leaves start turning, I feel the change coming. Already Summer is over. It was a good summer as summers go. Plenty of rain for my garden, but if I did not have a garden, I might have disliked the rain. Yet, each day of rain meant less work for me. I have a lot to learn as a gardener. My tomato plants grew so big that they overpowered everything else. They grow bigger then their cages early on, and just kept growing. Now I have plenty of tomatoes, but would have preferred them to not over crowd the other vegetables. Every tomato ended up in tomato sauce. I will soon have enough to make more sauce.

I am in a community garden, which has warned me that the time to take away summer plants is near. Only the Fall crops will remain, and the site will need to be cleared up by October.

I am now debating whether I should continue with the community garden next year. I have learned a few lessons. Next year I plan to stick with two tomato plants, and I am unsure which vegetables. Not as many carrots, as they take up a lot of room. I am thinking of more flowers, because flowers are easy to care for, and feed the bees. I support the bees. They are noble creatures, who get a bad rap because they can sting.

Once again I am feeling called to talk about light stuff at this time. There are plenty of sites speaking of doom in September, but I do not feel that will be the case. While it is an important time, we must not forget that the simple times still exist. We have the choice of what to focus on.

Let me try to get serious. I now put on the hat of the preacher:

As of now, food still grows on trees, which is much more important then money. Plants grow in much the same way, but sometimes super big if you ask the Faeries for help.

There are many ways to grow a garden, but in the past humans connected spirituality to the gardening. Festivals were held to ask for good harvests. Even today, I bet a good deal of farmers privately pray for a good harvest. They celebrate harvest, but where I live the tradition of mixing the celebration and prayer no longer exists. I think it is because the faiths are so divided. Prayer goes on, but only in what we define as the setting for prayer.

Humans have held festivals to ask for good weather and good harvests much longer then they have sat in front of T.V. and silently prayed that the weatherman bring good news.

I am unsure how to complete this statement, and what conclusion to draw. In education you are taught to make an argument and conclude it. Yet, I will just stick with these statements and let you come to your own conclusion.

There, I tried to insert something substantial into this post.

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