Support Jonghyun (SHINee) Who Supports Equal Rights for LGBT #WeSupportJonghyun

I doubt that this little post will make much difference, but K-pop idol Jonghyun, of the band SHINee, posted on Twitter that he Supports Gay Marriage. He is likely to lose some fans over the post, as South Korea is still very conservative on the topic of gay marriage. I know that Stars in the United States often support gay marriage, but k-pop Idols rarely do. ****Update: Jonghyun supports Equality for all including the LGBT community****

Here is a link to a translation of his Twitter post

So, if you could do something small to support Jonghyun’s bravery, thanks. It would also show the K-pop industry that it is fine for artists to support controversial topics. It could be as small as watching a couple of the band’s music videos on youtube. Also, #WeSupportJonghyun has been created on twitter by fans.

Jonghyun has gotten in trouble before for kissing a fellow band member on stage. This does not prove he is gay, as it could have been for the fans. When he did this an Internet petition was started to kick him and Taemin out of the band.

I have always liked Jonghyun’s personality the most of the band members.

I cannot decide which music video to post…

And a song Jonghyun wrote, Symptoms, which they sadly didn’t make a music video for. Jonghyun is the first person to sing in this song.

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