Ideas for a Joy Altar – Collab with The Spirit Garden


The Joy Altar could be also thought of as a Joy Alt(e)r. Spiritually it is about creating a magickal space that radiates Joy into one’s life. I remember around the end of last year the channeled Kryon calling for people to create a Joy Altar.

“Even if you are beyond that which is cheerful, even though perhaps you cannot find the joy factor inside you – I want you to build an altar of joy, physical or mental. And I want you to go to that altar and thank Spirit for what is going to take place and is taking place in your heart, your mind and in your life. And if you do that, you’ll be sending a magic signal that cooperates with the planet, with the Field, with the numerology of the year – and all those things will see your intent and things begin to shift.” – Kryon (“Numerology” 10.12.2016)

My friend Persephone Rose over at The Spirit Garden has the other half of this list, here. She is much more knowledgeable about witchcraft and has fresh ideas that are unique from mine.

  1. The Joy Box

You will need

  • Letter Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Envelopes
  • A beautiful box big enough to store many Letters
    • I found many such boxes at Michaels where they often go on sale

The instructions on this Joy Altar are simple. As often as you feel called (at least once a Month) you are to record the things that made you happy recently. After writing the letters you can seal them and address them to yourself to be opened at a different time or place.

The point is to build up the positivity held within the box so that if you ever have space for a Joy Altar the box itself could be a part of it.

2. The Joy Blog or Bookmark Catagory

You will need

  • Free internet space at hosting sites like or
  • Or a Computer with the ability to create a folder titled “JOY Altar”

The idea is similar to the Joy box but online. You could record your personal Joys or post links to things on the Internet that make you happy. The point of the Blog or “Joy Altar Bookmark category” is to be able to look through it and smile on even the saddest of days.

3.) The Joy Trail

You will need

  • Confidence in the Universe, Source, All That Is, or whatever name you give it.
  • A Basic Journal to record your experiences

The point of this Joy Altar is to create it with your actions. Put aside time to do as Darryl Anka is known to repeat while channeling the being Bashar, “Follow your highest excitement to the best of your ability with zero insistence on the outcome.” I am unfamiliar with how much confidence you have in the Universe, Source, etc., but, if needed, instead of jumping into Full-time excitement seeking, start with as much as you are able. The Journal is to record the experience as well as what you felt resulted from it.


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