*** Times of Eclipse TONIGHT ~ First Wave of Ascension Completed ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

I did not miss it. Like nearly all power days, I got sleepy. I slept starting at 7pm to 10pm EST not knowing the timing of the Eclipse. (I figured it would be later.)
Thankfully your post told me I had just a little time to see the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.
So I seat on my apt Balcony with my Apple of Abundance (an organic apple), and Chai of Suffering (Milk from unhappy cows as I was out of Happy Milk and needed to use my roommate’s.)

I ate the apple grateful for the money to buy an organic apple, and hoped for more abundance to be able to buy more organic food.

I drank the Chai apologizing to all the animals in suffering due to Factory Farming. I honored their sacrifice to take on a life of suffering to provide me with nurturance. I hoped the technology to Scientifically grow meat would be successful, and that soon a technology to Scientifically grow milk was created. I asked that these be organic processes, and not filled with chemicals.

So that those who had cows were only those who respected them. So that the ability to produce milk would no longer result in suffering. Still, I am sure traditional farmers will continue to love their animals who have helped humanity throughout history. There will still be cows, but not suffering ones like now.

I next remembered the checks of Abundance I wrote out. Making one for every family member. I mentally held the check in front of their soul and asked them to decide if they wanted to sign it. They were free to create their own, or ignore the offer. I, however, mentally signed mine. (Even if it was written for the New Moon.)

Lastly, mentally I reached out to all the watchers of the Lunar Eclipse, and those who do not get to see it, but are celebrating still. Around the world, I asked them to help me cast the Spell of the New World.

The New Earth Blog ~ Creating Our New Life in the Age of Compassion

big red moonWhy am I posting about today and the fourth blood moon eclipse?  Because today is the day that is said to be when the First Wave of Ascension will have been completed, so says powerful teacher, Matt Kahn. Now, Matt was given the date by higher beings and his higher self, and only later heard about the coincident fourth red moon.  Like Matt, I’m not an astrologer and so, let those who are explain the red moon to you.

You may or may not experience anything unusual.  Everyone is different and many of you have been in the “ascended” state, already.  I do think that this may be a critical mass of some sort for our New Earth, and am happily awaiting what may happen in the next few days and weeks.

What time will the eclipse happen? 

I found a real good page on (alabama), here.  And…

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  1. Ohhh, So that’s why it was so strange! And Also probably why I have been so tired! stupid ascension. It feels really strange when you can feel this pressure on your forehead but nothing is there.

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