K.O. on the Full Moon

IMG_0456Yesterday was just one of those days where I randomly become tired and start sleeping early. I am not sure exactly what time I started to nap, but tiredness was suddenly upon me. As I have mentioned before, I sometimes throw in the towel early on the important energy days, like a Summer Solstice. I suppose it is better then insomnia on a Full Moon.

I dreamt that an alien came to give me a shot. To make sure I didn’t get hurt by panicking during the shot, my face was gently held, and the shot went directly in my mouth. Kind of like when my childhood cat had to take medicine, and my Mom would hold her face up to put the medicine down her throat.

I wasn’t afraid during the dream. I think the blogs from Starseeds I have been reading lately really influenced me in this dream. I do not identify as a Starseed. I am too deeply a part of this Earth. I feel more like an Old Soul.

Categories: Beginnings

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