When you get to the end of a book…

worm_dragonI was just thinking about a feeling I used to have when I was younger, and at the end of a book. It seemed to be ending at the best part. I wanted to see how life was lived after all the conflict was over. I didn’t want to leave the characters. It is a good book, when you don’t want it to end.

So when I was young, and disappointed that a story was ending, I came to a conclusion. This is where the writer lifts the pen from the page, but the story continues to be written in the mind of the reader. The author has stepped back, and given the reader the stage to see their own power to create.

If you think about the Power of Manifestation, then a good story becomes real in another Universe. Each time a new person reads the book, a new Universe is created based on how they understood the book. Imagine how many Middle Earths have arisen from The Lord of the Rings. Each one different, and some more defined by the reader then others. Some readers did take up the challenge to pick up their minds pen, and imagine what happened next or before the story.

You have all heard those stories, where the adventurer enters the book. I think that once we return to the spirit world we are given the chance to enter into any book’s Universe. I think we are given the chance to shape our own daydreams into worlds to enter. I think that this world, is here to teach us how to better Manifest our own Universes. To perhaps free us from Creators block.

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