I hardly ever look like myself in the photos I post

I know a number of tricks on taking a selfie from k-pop. In this case they would be Selcas not Selfies, yet you get the idea. I, of course, raise the camera far above my head, as lower angle shots don’t really flatter anyone. Sometimes I change the angle of my face as well, yet then I turn out not looking like myself.


Sure I look okay above, but this doesn’t really look like me. Another technique I learned was to cover up the part of your face you are insecure with. For me that is my chin. So the picture below might look more like me, but the drink is there as a prop to cover my chin. (Iced tea… I think it was a Lemon Basil Flavor)


Tricked you right? Thinking someone who posts an everyday photo with no-make and no special angle is not hiding anything?

I am fine with taking no-make shots, because I am used to not wearing make-up. I prefer extra sleep to taking time for make-up. So when I get this card below from the Kyle Gray Angel Prayers Deck, and I have been wishing I hadn’t gained weight (Hypothyroidism), it is something I should work on.

IMG_0893So what do I look like? I have a rounder face, especially when I smile. Very high cheekbones.

Below looks a little more like me. No special angle, no props or hands covering insecurities. Not even a super close shot so my chin doesn’t show at all.

So I did it. I posted a normal photo without first losing weight. Which photo do you recommend I use in the future?


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