Signs that raise my belief in Kryon

pink_bikeI had a habit of being very distracted while listening to teachers online. I would play my online game on my phone while simultaneously listening to Kryon. Not long ago I was waiting to join an online group raid. The time until the raid was ticking away, and just as the screen said ‘101’ so did Kryon. It was a little nod that Kryon actually does feel what is going on around you when are just listening online. It made me think that even though I am listening to this so long after to was spoken, I am included in the conversation.

Another time, I had my iPod touch on my arm, as I brushed my teeth. For no particular reason I stopped to read my shirt. “Love is beautiful,” had written on it. I was thinking about how greatly this shirt ties into what I had been learning. As I looked at the word ‘beautiful’ so did Kryon say the word.

I remember I did a card reading weeks ago, when first coming across Kryon. I have a very simple deck called “Angel Answers,” that includes cards that say things like, ‘Yes,’ ‘YES!,’ ‘NO!’ and ‘No.’ I am often quite surprised how on point the answers are. More often then not I still get the simple, ‘Yes,’ or ‘No’ to yes or no questions. It really raises ones belief in Oracle Cards to use them, and see how out of all odds the right card shows up.

So I asked the Angels, “Should I believe in the teachings of Kryon?” ‘YES!’ the cards replied. So I decided to continue to put aside my doubts and listen. I have felt the desire to use another deck of cards today. The Ascended Masters deck. I am sorry I refer to so many spreads I have not taken a picture of. I do not know if you enjoyed my writings on different spreads. Yet, most are too personal to post online. It feels more natural to think it through in my head then writing it down.

I admit to still having my reservations about Kryon. Some of his teachings do not match others, and I have to decide, “Which teacher to believe?” My two favorite teachers are similar, and often have the same teachings. Yet, Matt Kahn’s description of creation, and Kryon’s are not completely in line.

It like a NDE in some ways, you know each experience has great wisdom, and holds great meaning. Yet, they are sometimes completely different.

So the question of who do believe really isn’t the issue. Each could be a different perspective of the same picture. The true meaning is not as important as how it makes one feel. To me both creation stories are beautiful.

I was seating on the sofa re-watching Matt Kahn, and he says not to seat on the sofa waiting for changes in the world as if you are not the one doing the changes. Paraphrase. I didn’t feel like going out and spreading Love to my neighborhood, (no bus service on most holidays) so I am attempting to change the world through this post.

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