Late at night… researching Astropad instead of sleeping


In case you missed the last post, I am putting the poll in this post too.

As I was debating between iPhone or iPad Pro with Apple Pen, I started trying to see what kind of art app would be a part of the iPad Pro. I came across Astropad. It appears to turn iPads into a Wacom tablet with a screen. (Those can be costly to buy and cannot be used for as many things as an iPad Pro.) So I could use Illustrator CS6, and Photoshop CS6, and for the $20 cost of Astropad have two very good programs to do drawings on the iPad Pro. This wouldn’t be as mobile as I would need to use my computer at the same time, yet the iPad Pro’s size hardly makes it mobile to begin with.

The research I was doing was into whether Astropad works with older versions of Adobe, or if I would have to get Adobe Creative Cloud. One the Astropad support site I discovered people who were using CS3 and Astropad, so I think I am covered.

So the question becomes, do I make an investment in a iPhone when I still have a 5th Generation iPod touch, or simply get a $50-$100 replacement phone when mine decides to quit. The money I had intended to save for the iPhone could be put on a iPad Pro and Apple Pen. I also wouldn’t have to wait until September, but could buy the iPad Pro as soon as I save enough money. The iPhone would have to wait yet, another year.

My 5th Generation iPod touch should be able to work perfectly for my needs an extra year.

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