Great Psychic Authors

great_psychic_authorsGreat Psychic Authors are on the frontiers of expanding societies definition of normal human experience. They are invaluable as psychiatry tries to label more and more of normal human aspects as Mental Illness.

I’ve had an interesting path into slowly accepting my expanded definition what normal human experience is. Being raised in a Catholic School, things like talking to Angels, was already more accepted in my mind then it would have been otherwise. I was jealous of Saints as they appeared to have this blessed connection with God that others didn’t get the chance. When I prayed, I could only vaguely sense answers, but did not hear the Voice of God. Yet, here were all these Saints having experiences of arrows of ecstasy as they connected with God in a way I could not.

At first when I was drawn to the metaphysics, I resisted because of my faith. Even though Catholicism is much more accepting then some Christian faiths on the matter, I was certain it was frowned upon. Things like Tarot Readings were at least.

So I tried the safer way for my childhood faith to fit with the metaphysics. Angels. I’d talk to them in my head, and go on imaginary journeys to heaven. I’d visualize swimming through the ocean smoothy like a dolphin all the while and angel dolphin at my side. I’d fly through the sky in my mind alongside an angel. We didn’t talk much, in that I did all the talking, and wasn’t very good at receiving information.

Yet, I had a natural relationship with Angels, that after later becoming Mentally Ill, made me wonder if I had always been. I had stopped communicating with the Angels in the same way over time, but was drawn back to them later in life.

The first author I will list, is well known worldwide as the Angel lady, Doreen Virtue. I’ve read many of her books on Angels. They are always so encouraging, and I continue to use her various Oracle Cards.

Yet, it was Lorna Byrne‘s first book, “Angels In My Hair,” that really made me feel less crazy. Now my experiences were no way as extreme as hers. I could always write mine off as, ‘playing in my mind.’ They were so close to the edge of just being imagination that, even while the young me talked to Angels at night, the scientific part of me rationalized away. Lorna had more the level of experiences with Angels that a Saint would have.

In the Angel area of the local metaphysical bookstore, I found another author, Kyle Gray. I post comments on his Instagram sometimes, saying things of support. I am not sure if I am bugging him, so don’t often. His first book “Angels Whisper in my Ear,” was another book that normalized psychic experiences. Kyle Gray is more like my role-model, who is following his dream with such passion it is inspiring. He doesn’t aspire to write, he writes. He is a true Spiritual Gangster (he has a hat in an Instagram picture that says this). And as he is one of the few I follow on Instagram, I am constantly reminded of his existence.

Angels Angels Angels

It is time to turn to another kind of psychic Author. The famous Psychic Medium John Edward. Years ago, I went to a used book store and found his early books. This was before I was interested in NDE’s. In his early books, he talks about growing up Psychic. Yet, what was more important in his books, to me, was an ever growing belief in the Afterlife. I had not suffered a great loss, but knew I’d face death in my life. It was like a little spark of hope that grew.

For a while I really wanted to see a Medium, to get my own proof. Yet, my proof came from reading Near Death Experience one after another on “AngelicView.” Thank you AngelicView for posts like “Evidence of the Afterlife.”

Thank you too, all you authors writing down your NDE’s. You might never know how much you help others with sharing your experience. I made this post as a shout out to you all. You don’t know how important you are.

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