5 Months and Counting (and Astrological Predictions)


The last few days, I’ve wanted to write a post without being sure what about. I have been following many different teachers, shows, Blogs, and Channels. I wish it were easy to link to a show on WordPress. I know it isn’t free, but some of my readers might be members of

Currently, one of the collections the site is featuring is their shows that have to do with Near Death Experiences.

I also watched the OpenMind Spring 2016: Astrological Forecast with Robert Phoenix. Much of Spring is over, but it seems Astrologically Economic issues might be starting this Month. This would create a bigger Economic problem in September.

Overall the show reflected Bashar’s predictions in his Channel, 13 Months and Counting. I think with the Ubuntu Movement beginning to take root across the world, any Economic collapse would greatly aid the Movement.

I do not know how I feel about Economic Problems. The system clearly has not been working a long time, and change is needed. I just wonder if it could be done in a gentler way. At the same time, I am impatient for change.

As things are now, I have survived numerous Economic declines. Which is the reason so many of us have no Full-time employment. Things have been tight for a long time.

When I first heard that everything would change in the Fall of 2016, I was feeling hopeful. Yet, the things predicted make it seem like it will be a hard time, instead of joyful. It was one thing to have Bashar make predictions, but now to have so much of it reinforced by Astrology.

I had hoped that we were coming to a time in history where we stopped learning from suffering and learned from joy. Yet, the predictions seem to be showing a continuation of the school of hard knocks.

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