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Hello World,

A friend of mine, Laura, gave me the idea of writing about the Fae. A fiction story of course. I tried to connect with the Fae about what they thought a good first chapter would be like. Ever since I have known about Tarot Cards, I’ve had the concept of drawing a card for every chapter, and then listing the cards in the back of the book. I have a feelingĀ that I saw this done once, long before I understood what Tarot was. I was a child, and came across such a book. Yet, this is such a vague memory that it might even be from a past life.

I think Oracle cards are a good way to pull out deep truths. They are like a starting point focusing the attention on a certain area so that we see more clearly. I think I will continue to use them creatively.

This Oracle Desk, Oracle of the DragonFae, is very detailed. I love it. However when writing the first chapter I came upon the sense of ‘not yet.’ It is not yet time for me to write this book. It is time for me to build up a platform. That is what I intend to do with this Blog. Listening to the Hayhouse videos on becoming an author, I learned how important a platform is. If I can get a good one, I will more easily get an advance on writing a book, and a good editor.

Each post will be writing practice. So it is win-win. I asked the Angels for help in creating a successful blog in 2014… I think it was. I put half an effort into starting to create images for each post, and posting more often. Yet, I do not think I was strong enough yet. I had some growing yet to do.

I do not know how I will create a platform, but I will be guided one step at a time.

It seems such an impossible task. To become a Blogger in this day and age, with no great knowledge of Social Media. I read all this information about manifesting, but have so much trouble when it comes to putting it to practice. In a way it is easier to believe in Angels helping me along my path, then me having the power to do it myself. I am just being honest. I might now be awake, but putting my Spirituality into action will be an adventure.

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