Freedom from Gaming

2015-05-27I am one for following joy. If Gaming brings you joy, just figure out ways you can learn from the game. I have an addictive personality where I will obsess about a game until I have considered it beaten. Then I move on to the next game. I am sure my family can see, I have an aspect of a gamer in me. However today’s free games on Facebook, and apps are getting increasingly demanding.

Case in point Battle Camp, is a lovely social game. I was able to develop friendships through the way the game is designed. However, events were constant and demanding. My obsessive personality lead to me quickly reaching a good level of power where my troop was really helped by my commitment. Yet, when you are helping others, the draw to push oneself gaming is even more extreme. I thought that wherever I went in life, I’d be playing those pointless apps in the background. Battle Camp is a game, that is not easily written off as having been beaten.

So here I was staying up late for events, constantly being distracted when reading a book, or watching a show. Because once my energy refilled there were trophies to be won. I was preparing for the next big event and strategizing how to become more powerful. Then it felt like am eyelash had fallen into my eye. I tried to get it out, but soon had to conclude I had the beginning of an eye infection.

I finished out the day, only briefly commenting to my troop about my eye. The next day, I was unable to go to the dentist for fear of spreading my infection to the dentist. I was also unable to play. I felt guilty that my troop had planned on needing my help that day, but my eye would not stand for looking at a screen for hours.

As my eye got worse, I didn’t feel increasing stress at not being able to help, but relief. I was glad to be away from the demands of the game. As soon as my eye recovered I chatted with my troop leader about trading all my good monsters with him, and leaving the game. When I first started this game, I recognized it was demanding, and left for a week. Yet, I returned. I guess I had not learned enough from the game. I think my troop leader is hoping I will return again.

I am finishing off the few trades I had lined up in the game, and will trade away my monsters to my troop leader. I feel a little guilty in not helping my troop reach it goals, but freedom. I will try to only play games that are not in real time in the future. Games that have saves, and only keep you up late because you’ve lost track of time playing them.

The direction games appear to be going is fascinating. I have truly learned something in the process.

It was fun chatting,

Good day,


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