Wrestling with Law of Attraction

I have put many studies into the Law of Attraction over the years. I have written on forums and gotten into debates. I have analyzed how it would transform the way the brain thinks from a pessimistic worldview to an optimistic one. I have discovered the teachings repeated throughout history in many cultures. Yet there is one element of how the modern understanding of the Law of Attraction relates to the world that I find very out of alignment. This I summarize as ‘victim blaming.’

If you talk to someone who is studied about the Law of Attraction about your problems they tend to see you as in need of correction instead of offering compassion. This I see as very problematic. Listening to people as Abraham-Hicks about what to do when others are not allowing them to be in the Vortex (by being out of the Vortex.) To me, it sounds like Abraham is telling them to ignore these people when they are out of alignment so that they start acting in alignment around you.

Something about this idea is like striking a bell and finding it dull in vibration. You expect Law of Attraction to ring true, but having interacted with those who follow Law of Attraction I can feel out how this teaching influences the way they interact with other people.

So I suggested the ‘Law of Love’ as a deeper teaching than the ‘Law of Attraction.’ Yet, the thing is my understanding of the ‘Law of Love’ is forming. I am not perfect in practicing it and I refuse to use words to explain it. At least at this point, I refuse words.

The ‘Law of Love’ might include elements of the Law of Attraction, but with the addition of empathy and compassion in relations with ourselves and others. It does not tolerate being put into a positive prison. It recognizes that a person has moments of bliss as well as moments of sadness. When a person comes to you, or you find yourself, in a moment of doubt, disbelief, sadness, etc. The answer is compassion instead of insensitive ‘victim blaming.’

It has happened to me on forums again and again. If I tell another person that their comments are making me sad, they pull out the ‘playing the victim’ card. Sometimes you can understand a teaching best by your interactions with those who follow the teachings.

So I turned away from the Law of Attraction… in fact said to myself ‘F$#K the Law of Attraction’ which is a title of a Teal Swan video, the video ends up supporting the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction has many good elements. It has elements found in many ancient cultures, but these cultures were not lacking in compassion, for themselves or others, the same way that is commonly seen by those who follow the modern understanding of the Law of Attraction.

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