Last night I watched SHINee videos of the past while largely missing Jonghyun even if he is on my psychic speed dial. Still I am not that talented of a medium. I can hardly convey detailed messages. I am knowledgeable enough to report he is adapting to heaven very quickly. At first some of the emotions before his death lingered while his consciousness was automatically pulled into the light.

Some spirits have an easier time letting go of worry about the suffering caused by their death than Jonghyun is having. He is grateful for all the support those he cares about have been receiving and is grateful for any action which helps people process the pain.

I am not under the outdated idea that suicide will keep an individual from heaven or make that person be punished in any way. Yet some souls are more immune to the pain their death has caused than Jonghyun is.

Yes, he is happy. Yet, the level of evolution as a soul he is at, is not one where he is completely in trust of the divine plan. So he is still concerned about those on Earth even if he is blanketed in unconditional love. The soul continues to grow after death just as much as in life.

His way of passing was a naturally a part of his divine plan as if he were hit by a car. When a life is planned before birth the point of entry and exit are already charted out and cannot be swayed from. If his exit date were later, he would have failed in his suicide.

With my limited medium abilities I can report that Jonghyun wants you to support those he loved and judge them not harshly. He doesn’t want you to worry about him because he is doing well. He is working of music which he hopes to share with others in their sleep. There is much to do in heaven and he plans on recovering from life long before he attempts to enter into another. Yet, as time is not limited on the other side, he can spend a century practicing the art of music and still be reincarnated before he even passed. He can enter into any time period, past or future.

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  1. I know I’m a year late reading this, but I’ve been thinking about Jonghyun lately and I’m not sure why. Reading this made me cry even though I didn’t personally know him. I’m glad to hear he is happy, though. Thank you for sharing this ❤

    • I still think about him sometimes as well. Imagining what the more current SHINee songs would sound like with him there. I have a feeling that his soul is watching over many idols.

  2. I know I’m late on this but this post made me tear up. I always talk to the moon like I’m talking to Jonghyun ,and even asked him for some signs,yet I always wondered if our words ever reached him or not.

    • Those in spirit are not limited like humans. They can visit everyone who thinks about them at the same time. Not exactly sure how it works, but when we think of him he is aware. Sorry for the late reply. I had stopped blogging and checking comments.

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